Firefly If Wishes Were Horses T-Shirt Color: Navy

by:Quantum Mechanix

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Jayne Cobb mercenary, hero, font of frontier wisdom. Part of the Jayne Cobb Collection, this officially-licensed Firefly t-shirt contains just one of the many bits of folksy observations that Mr. Cobb is known throughout The Verse for spewing, um, we mean, imparting: If Wishes Were Horses, We'd All Be Eating Steak. Words to live by, if ever there were any. Rendered in retro-advertising style by Mohammad F. Haque, whose dazzling character design is the basis for our top-selling River Tam Big Damn Hero Maquette, the t-shirt includes Jayne's well-known catchphrase: Grrr! Eloquence, thy name is Cobb. Available in men's sizes small to 3XL and women's junior sizes small to 2XL, the Jayne Cobb Horses T-shirt is printed on a 100-percent cotton navy blue shirt.

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