Pre-Order Policy



  • ⦿    The dates and availability are subject to change and are NOT guaranteed! This is not in our control
  • ⦿     Payments will be refunded in the case of pre-order cancellations
  • ⦿     Pre-Orders placed along in stock items or containing items with different pre-order release dates will ship when ALL items are in stock unless requested otherwise. Additional shipping fees may apply
  • ⦿     Release updates are not provided automatically since we do not receive updates from the vendors automatically. When an update is received, we will update the product page. Please check the product page for updates or email us regarding release and availability

What Are Pre-orders?

Items that are marked as pre-orders are items that you may order before the item is actually released. Pre-Orders will be marked as such when you browse the website. Additionally, you can view all current pre-orders here.

On each pre-order page will be the estimated release date as well as the pre-order deadline. The estimated release date is the date that the item will ship from the distributor to us, NOT the date the order will actually ship out to you. These dates are NOT GUARANTEED and may change at the manufacturer's discretion.

The Pre-order deadline date is the last date you can place a pre-order for a better chance at securing an item. In most cases, we will allow you to continue to place a pre-order after this date, but there is less of a guarantee that you will receive the item. In the case we cannot secure the item, a refund will be promptly issued to you.



Why Should I Pre-Order Items?

The items that we offer are often limited edition or low production items that often sell out quickly after release and in some instances - the item can sell out before it is actually released!

The collectible market is full of esoteric items that the mass public might not be interested in so you won't be able to walk into a big box store and buy one off the shelf. For this reason, the collectible industry relies on thousands of small businesses that cannot take on huge financial risk sitting on one product - especially when thousands of new items are announced each month. Unless the item comes from a very popular series, then a retailer might not take the chance of ordering hundreds of pieces.  In turn, manufacturers will only produce what they know they can sell through.  Because of this, availability after release is often very limited - especially with items that happen to be popular for one reason or another

Rather than take the chance of an item selling out, you can pre-order an item before the estimated release date to better increase your chance of securing a purchase of a popular item.



Am I Guaranteed to Get the Item I Pre-Ordered?

There are no guarantees on pre-orders since the release and allocation of an item is determined by the manufacturer.

We have no control over the availability of a pre-order and we have no way of determining how much of a production run (often limited) have been sold through and where we place in line in the order queue.

We allow customers to place orders with us because the distributor or manufacturer in turn allows us to place an order with them. Items are subject to cancellations and in the case of popular products, items may be allocated on a first order, first serve basis. Despite this, there is a 99% chance of securing an item if ordered well before the estimated release date. We order in excess of what is pre-ordered early on so that our customers who order closer to the pre-order deadline can secure an item.

In the case of pre-order items that cannot be secured, you will be refunded in full.


When Am I Going To Get My Pre-Order?

If the item is not subject to cancellation or allocation, then an item should be available for shipping around the estimated release date given by the manufacturer. This release date is NOT GUARANTEED and is subject to change at any given notice and we have no control over it.

Most of the time, we are never notified of any delays. We have to manually check the status page with the distributor or manufacturer or we have to ask our sales reps and there are several thousand items that are due to be released every month!.

We will post updates to an item's status on the product page whenever we receive any status changes.


In some cases, we will need to collect additional shipping fees on an item by emailing an invoice. The order will not ship until this fee is paid for in full.


When the item is actually in hand and ready to ship, then you will receive a confirmation of delivery within 1-2 days of release.



When Do I Pay For My Pre-Order?

Pre-Orders are charged immediately during checkout. Much like an order for an in-stock item, a pre-order is considered commitment to a purchase of an item. When a customer places an order with us, we have to assume that the customer wants the item so we in turn commit an order with the manufacturer. Because of this, we ask that the customer pays in full at the time of order.


Your order may be subject to additional shipping fees
We try out best to confirm product details such as product weight and dimensions, but we cannot know for sure until the item is our hands ready to be measured. The shipping fees that are given during checkout are estimates and are subject to change when the item is ready for shipping.


If the actually shipping fees are greater than the amount paid at the time of order, then an invoice will be issued to request the difference between those fees. Your order will be held until that payment is collected.


In the event an item is subject to cancellation or allocations, then we will refund your payment in full and your order will be canceled.



Can I Cancel a Pre-Order?

In general a pre-order cannot be canceled especially in the case of expensive, rare or esoteric items. After a pre-order is submitted, we immediately place an order with the manufacturer - which basically commits us to purchase the item on the customer's behalf.


In the case of manufacturer changes to product specifications or details that are a materially different than the initial listing of said product, then you may request to cancel your pre-order.



Can I Order Pre-Order Items Along With In-Stock Items?

Although, our system will allow you to place an order for pre-order items at the same time as in-stock items, we suggest that you place separate orders for each status type. Orders that contain both types of products will be held until all items are in stock and ready to ship.


You may request that we ship the order separately, but additional shipping fees will apply and will be invoiced at the time the item is available for shipping.




I Saw That Another Store Has the Item In Stock - Where is My Item?

As described previously, items are subject to allocations and cancellations. Orders are served at the discretion of the manufacturer or in manners that are out of our control.

Please also note that orders are often served first come first serve within the hierarchy of the supply chain - manufacturers to distributors, distributors to retailers and retailers to their customers.


In the case of allocations, the manufacturer may have sold out of the pre-order item and they will ship available stock to retailers who ordered the earliest. Though we try to place orders well before the pre-order deadline, it's possible another vendor could have ordered even earlier than us and secured their quantities before ours. Similarly, if the manufacturer did not sell out, then we just have to wait our turn to receive our delivery.


In other cases, the item may have been released in an international market before the US domestic market and you may see those products from those who chose to import them or from foreign sellers.



The Product I Received is a Little Different. What's the Deal?

In some rare cases, a manufacturer may change details or specifications of items. This is out of our control and we will not know unless they inform us of such changes or we can verify the changes ourselves when the product is in our hands. In such cases, you may cancel your pre-order if the changes are a concern for you.



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