Mechatromytee & Teitei Vinyl Figure


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From 1000 Toys. CHUBU Mechatronics and Sentinel are proud to introduce MechatroMyTee and TeiTei! These soft vinyl robots are the newest additions to the Mechatro Family. MechatroMyTee was created as a bodyguard robot to protect young children in urban environments. He can speak simple words and lift heavy luggage. His design is based on the shape of an onigiri! TeiTei is designed to be a pet robot whose main function is to join children on their walks outside. She can recognize her owner's face and strongly bonds with them. MechatroMyTee and TeiTei are designed by Japanese toy designer Kazushi Kobayashi (MODERHYTHM), who is the creator of the popular MechatroWeGo series. MechatroMyTee and TeiTei are crafted in Japanese soft vinyl and come together as a set!

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