Doctor Who Figures #30 Cleaner Robot


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Watch out, the Doctor Who The Cleaner figurine is the next special edition to join the Doctor Who Figurine Collection! Highly detailed in hand-painted resin, the Doctor Who The Cleaner Figurine models the looming, murderous robots of Paradise Towers, also known as the Cleaners. The residential complex of Paradise Towers promised peace and comfort to all its inhabitants. Unfortunately, the truth was far from that. In the wake of a terrible war, the residents devolved into feral gangs. For the Cleaners, the living humans still populating Paradise Towers were little more than litter in need of tidying. The Doctor Who The Cleaner Figurine fully captures every detail of the machines that were more than malfunctioning janitors – they were controlled by Kroagnon, the Great Architect of Paradise Towers. Only the Seventh Doctor and Mel were able to uncover the mad architect and thwart his plans of returning to life.

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